As you will discover, a tremendous range of subjects is covered in locations all over Scotland and occasionally further afield. The two examples shown on this page show Ken's genius at using a tiny splash of red to draw the eye in and bring the picture alive. We hope you enjoy looking through Ken's work and are inspired ,as many have been, to start your own collection.
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In his lifetime Ken produced a large body of work starting with his original watercolours and using many of these as the basis of his prints and greetings cards. Today we have 102 prints available in three series, Open, Limited Edition and Limited Edition Giclee (L.E. Giclee). A slide show of some of these prints is available here.
Click button to see a slide show of Ken's prints. Here we show 63 of the 102 prints available. Download the full print catalogue (go to Download Page) or call us for a printed catalogue.
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